—   And the fourth industrial revolution is already underway.

We have decided to share our know-how by providing companies with the most advanced tools, supported by a high-level IT consulting activity, supporting the customer at 360 ° to promote growth and success.


—  New OnlYou keeps the product traceability chain high.

We provide you with the know-how and tools to improve: productivity, efficiency, flexibility, reactivity, reliability, profitability. Thus contributing to the reduction of costs and the increase of your invoice.

Advantages 4.0

—  Less consumption, more production.

New OnlYou allows you to eliminate paper supports with relative economic and environmental impact: no printing, stationery, sorting or disposal costs.



New OnlYou records every activity in real time, from production, to warehouses, to logistics.

Color Impact

— Company | Product | Service

The user interfaces of our integrated New OnlYou operating control system are direct and intuitive, suitable for all user levels.


Reduces the need to think about the medium; activates intuitiveness and focuses perceptions of users only on the results to be obtained by eliminating all forms of stress. Software suitable for all levels of use:

From management

At specialized staff

Up to the worker.